Are humans done for?

We can’t stop progress, but does this mean the end of Humans?
With all the ‘improvements’ humans are responsible for here on earth, we need to look at ourselves, before it’s too late.
By no way am I referring in the verse below to the wonderful philanthropists of our race. These are the rare exceptions. It’s the leaders we elect that are driven by power, wealth and progress. I really don’t see that youth (exceptions noted) have the wisdom to look ahead. They haven’t experienced life. Those who have need to take better control like the elders whose wisdom was respected, kept the village together. Progress has ruined this power.
Me, I’m a product of an emigrant father and strict Irish Catholic mother. Dad was “self made” and had a foot in each camp voting conservatively. He adored our mum and loved us kids, and taught us about the basics of nature. He left it to the Jesuits to teach us all the things that to me have little value.

So here goes:

Old cronies like me can remember back when
There was value in everything we had and did then
We respected our parents who shared with our play
Or sent us outside if it was a nice day

Writing this poem I think it’s too late
For new generations will suffer the fate
Not knowing the value of simple it seems
Or achieving the goals we set out in our dreams

Now parents too busy to teach children right
Leave them alone on their computers all night
If parents today don’t take charge of the teaching
They’ll follow the rules that others are preaching

What people believe is their personal right
But it’s what groups of them do and kill when they fight
That’s wrong for a race that’s so full of hate
Religion must fail or we’ll dis inter grate

Impact on environment

The years all the changes have taught me to face
What I can see now as human disgrace
We abuse our resources and neighbour‘s domain
We’re killing this planet for those who remain

Bent on survival but different from nature
That takes what it needs and leaves some for later
We’re selfish beyond words, were ruining this Earth
We share the same air but don’t value its worth

We kill other people to gain our own means
Animals in forests so close to our genes
We’ll leave them to die writhing in pain
Then destroy their homes for our personal gain

For profit and greed to build up our power
We gloat on our wealth, don’t value the hour
Our children will curse us for leaving them this
Theirs will never know nature exists

I know what you’re thinking we’ll find solutions – but when!
After we’re en caged like a battery hen?
But this sure will not happen – in our lifetime
Let the kids worry — cos I’m doin’ fine.

Some faults of our race are not of our cause,
But scars of our past are thick on our paws
We’re part of this race; we’re just like the rest
Of humanity that’s evil and selfish at best.

If we’d stayed in our village and not crossed the bridge
We’d be minding our business, on our side of the ridge
But we gather in cities and elect those who lead
Those who want power, their own pockets to feed.

Some are called lefty or greeny or moan
“God hates disbelievers” —after we’re gone
But think, either way the answer is true
We’ve left a disaster for kids to undo.

Communities and Humans

Life is mapped out for fail or success
We must achieve now and have all the best
No more adventures or new places to roam
Connect with computers or walk with a phone

Let’s learn by mistakes of the past that we took
Gather in person not useless FaceBook
But reach out to our neighbour, try understand
That we are all similar wherever the land

We now have the leader’s compulsory fees
Replacing the good old fashioned communities
Who banded together father and mother
Made cakes for a fete or helped one another.

God, Religion and Humans

We’re addicted to power we don’t stop to think
That nature’s not foolish it’ll just watch us sink
But we have religion – God, don’t get me started.
I’ll offend the living and those who’ve departed.

Prepare yourself now that God may not exist
Nature is real and it will raise its fist.
The climate we’ve come to accept has turned hot
Look what we’ve done, we deserve what we got

Prophets, the bible on scrolls and on paper
Instead where “God” is written, replace it with “Nature”
It’s nature most certain that we have to heed
Not those new churches manipulating their need

Our way is correct after all we were told
Scriptures were written with words to unfold
We believe because, they new better back then
Even Einstein didn’t know better than them

We live in fear that if we’re not careful
We’ll burn in hell, we’re gullible people
Or maybe if God is real as if certain
Some think they’ll end up with many a virgin

So have I upset you? am I in your face?
Remember that all are part of this race
Our parents, their parents were ignorant like us
Christian Muslim, Jew and Buddhist

Are you now squirming reading all this?
I’m sorry religions in verse I have missed
Before the alter your head you may nod
But what benefit really, is belief in a god?

Religions will get us now, heaven knows when
I ask you remember what happened back then
When we were invaders who brought the new rules
To long standing cultures but we were the fools.

Past prophets could see, we will not prevail
When voices speak out on the cross we will nail
Because we are scared to hear many truths
Like many a human when voting in booths

Politics and Humans

We’ll vote for the people we’ve grown to accept
What choice have we got our voice is inept
Or maybe just maybe we’re wishing we had
The power to destroy whom among us is bad.

So what do we think when we fill out the form
Are we just like many who wish they were born
With silver gilding, lining our crib
Democrat, republican Labor or Lib.

There’s no real choice so donkey some vote
Like our for-bearers who came in a boat
Woke in the morning and hoped there was night
And left it to others to fight for their right.

Animals, Nature and Humans

Yes we Humans, we are to blame
We’ll admire a creature and kill it the same.
We’re all like each other, all colours and creed
We pack close together like sardines we breed.

No use being subtle —— time is not waiting
The trees will be gone and the animals hating
What we have done to the world nature gave
Would be best if humans are all sent to their grave

Before us where those who thought they would win
Abusers of power, leaders or kin
Disgraced by others still on the planet
Soon to be soil that’s all turning to granite

Caring Humans

I hear that in war – when we fight and we kill
Even our foe our compassion at will
Is to help one another or shake their warm hand
Then go back and kill them in the name of our land

So humans have sides of love and of hate
Why don’t we consider before it’s too late
We’re in this together; we’d come to the aid
Of our enemy if aliens were here to invade

We’d fight, band together, all on one side
But defect to them after, to save our own hide
Are humans really the worst on this planet
If so it’s better we ALL end up as granite.

We know we’re resourceful after disaster
We often find fixes for problems there after
We do help the needy when it suits us the best
But I’m sure that we’d prefer to have cash and invest


Because we’re just atoms that regurgitate
Wake up dear neighbour before it’s too late.
No virgins in heaven they’re here by your side,
Forget the excuses, to go suicide

Nature’s survival doesn’t need humans
We’ve invaded the Earth like a virus or Aliens
Why we are here, my head I keep scratching
We’re overcrowded, cos fucking is catching.

Maybe just maybe in millions of years
When the trees have re grown and new animals appear
There’ll be no more humans to wreck creature’s home
Maybe a new species——– with intelligence will roam

Are humans now approaching their pinnacle?
By developing intelligence that’s pure artificial
Then we as humans will be placed on a shelf
As these thinking machines develop themselves

We’ve evolved to this in such a short time
To be so naive is really a crime
Unfolding the answer alarm bells will ring
I’ll follow the teachings of Stephen Hawking.